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Garak Fan Fiction [Aug. 29th, 2005|08:58 am]
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ishtar79</b></a></b>  wanted some Garak (of Deep Space 9) fan fiction, and I did find a link online discussing slashy goodness.
 I even got inspired, thinking I might make a very brief attempt:

The Musings of Elim Garak, Tailor - for mature audience only

Garak sat alone in his Tailor’s Shop, hemming pants and thinking about his life.
It had been 9 years of exile, and it was hard on Garak to be so far away from his countrymen.  Those tall lean exciting Cardassian men who understood his love of intrigue mystery and rough sex.  However there were compensations, the schmorgusboard of aliens on Deep Space 9 are fascinating and varied: Julian was certainly fresh faced and appealing, with his almost nubile  grace, but he would be an immature self-absorbed lover.  Cisco was large and buff, but so humorless, and one would imagine he would always wish to dominate.  Quark was really the most interesting male on the outpost, his inventive mind and obviously heightened interest in kinky sex would make him a willing partner, up for anything as it were.  But Odo, Odo always seemed so asexual, and let’s face it: dull.  Recently however Odo has been coupling with Kira, and you know she wouldn’t settle for an inattentive lover.  No, clearly Odo is full of interesting possibilities that would be exciting to explore.  Strange fetishes one would normally shy away from: bestiality, even with mythical creatures, the mind boggles!
Garak pricked his finger, and slowly sucked on the leaking wound as he saw the Constable walk slowly down the Promenade.

Odo felt Garak’s eyes upon him and looked over his shoulder, wondering what evil schemes the Cardassian spy could be plotting.

[User Picture]From: ishtar79
2005-08-30 08:56 am (UTC)


Hahahaha! Garak/everyone, I love it!

I died repeatedly at his descriptions of the station's men, because they were so spot-on.

Cisco was large and buff, but so humorless

Yep, that's our Captain, to a tee!

And Odo!!!! Odo/Garak has so much potential, given that they got their own canon slashy interaction.
[User Picture]From: embers_log
2005-08-30 11:57 am (UTC)


You didn't get excited about the idea of Garak coupling with Odo in the guise of a centaur? Because that was kind of a big turn on to me! Hee