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most intense September EVER [Sep. 9th, 2013|11:54 am]
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There are three wonderful shows all ending over the next few weeks:
Dexter: This last episode was slow, repetitive, and a little pointless, which surprised me because they don't have much time.... but every other episode moved the plot forward so quickly that I have to assume they needed/wanted this set up.
Breaking Bad OTOH has pulled out all the stops. They are having one mind blowing episode after another. This is seriously dark and dangerous (making 'Dexter' look like a love story).
Burn Notice
Burn Notice is also burning it's bridges (burned down his Mom's house!) as it gets to the end. This show was never as dark as the other two (above), I always assumed that it would end 'happily'. But they are at a fever pitch of emotion & danger right now, and I have no idea what will happen!

I'm going to miss all these shows, but they have all been mind blowers.
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meme [Aug. 30th, 2013|12:52 pm]
20 Question meme from LoveJamesCollapse )
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Elysium [Aug. 30th, 2013|10:36 am]
So last night I went to see Elysium before it left my area.
My expectations were VERY low because I had heard all the complaints about the heavy handed social message and the plot holes....
and consequently I really enjoyed the movie! LOL

The 'art' is gorgeous, I had no trouble accepting the sky satellite where the very rich live since the Earth has been hopelessly polluted. The message is obvious & heavy handed, but no more so than a lot (most?) of Rod Serling's writing... or Gene Roddenberry's! And I LOVED those guys! And in spite of a convoluted story that is full of plot holes, the director, Neill Blomkamp (who also wrote and directed the brilliant District 9) did a great job of keeping the audience on top of what was going on and why it was happening.

In fact this movie was far less disappointing in terms of ridiculous storytelling (in my opinion) than Iron Man 3, The Wolverine, and Pacific Rim (which are the only big Sci-fi films I've watched this Summer... I skipped Brad Pitt's World War Z which really sounded both boring and awful). I'm not claiming that Elysium is a great film, I'm just saying it is no worse than all the other lame sci-fi movies that we've been given this Summer. If that sounds like damning with faint praise? Then you don't know what a relief it is to escape this heat wave into a nice cool dark movie theater!

edited to add: Jody Foster is amazing in this! So funny.
But WTF is it w/the 'love interest' age discrepancy? When Max and Fray are children she looks a couple of years older than him, certainly not a day younger...
but as a adults she is 13 years younger but looks more like 20 years younger! Stupid casting (I have no quarrel with the performances, but it was lame to make that age difference so obviously off).
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Brian K. Vaughan & SAGA fun [Aug. 27th, 2013|03:00 pm]
So last January I made a costume for Brian K. Vaughan's SAGA costume contest...
and in April I learned that I came in 10th ishtar79 remembers because I posted all over the place about it! LOL
You can see me in issue #12 of SAGA.

And I figured that coming in 10th was not going get any prizes (prizes are usually just for the top three, sometimes only for the first place winner... right?). Frankly I was pretty thrilled w/just getting my picture in issue #12.

I got a prize!!Collapse )
I'm so thrilled! So of course I needed to write a thank you note right away, so I drew a little picture on a card and sent it off today:
It is BKV with his dog (its a little rough, but I was very excited and wanted to thank him right away).
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Unlikely Double Feature [Aug. 24th, 2013|09:01 pm]
I have no objection to seeing movies alone, in fact there is an advantage to being alone when you are planning on ducking into another movie before or after the one you paid for!

I snuck into a few minutes of "The Butler"Collapse )
I LOVED "The World"s End" (no spoilers)Collapse )
I also loved "Blue Jasmine" (a few thematic spoilers)Collapse )
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Ode to Anthony Stewart Head [Aug. 8th, 2013|07:09 pm]
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I always loved Tony Head, ASH has always been great...Collapse )
And he is still absolutely gorgeous in 'Percy Jackson' as Chiron: Chiron-1
He developed a way of moving that was so convincing (there is a wonderful article here about how different his performance is, in every way, from Pierce Brosnan's), and he had some close ups that knocked me out.

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters isn"t great, but it is fun.Collapse )
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OMG Free Kindle App! [Aug. 4th, 2013|11:38 am]
For about the last 6 months (more really, I've been thinking about this since Christmas 2012) I've been debating getting a kindle. I had a list of three ebooks I want to read (favorite writers who have a short story/novella out on ebook but not available on any other format, not even included in any published anthology anywhere), but we're talking about $6 worth of reading material... how much do I really want to pay for a kindle in order to just read these three novellas (very short novels, or really long short stories)?

I've been thinking seriously about just getting a decent used kindle, but that would still be about $50 to get a device that I don't expect to use much (except to read these three short stories asap). So I've been waiting:
a) waiting to find a much stronger reason to get a kindle (like going on trip where I can't easily carry a bunch of books)
b) waiting for the price of new kindles to drop a lot more (it will happen, eventually).

And today, while again looking at my amazon wish list, I noticed that there was a free kindle download app available! I immediately checked to see if I could download it to my iMac (which is my computer of preference at all times), but my iMac is running on a slightly old system which won't support the app.

So then I thought of my little notebook computer (a friend had picked up an ASUS Eee PC netbook for her Mom and then realized how impossible it was to type on... so she gave it to me as a good bye gift as I left California). I don't use this device very often because it is virtually impossible to type on, but it has a decent screen and sound, I've watched TV shows on it before. And it was perfect for this! I was able to download the app and have already bought my first novella (Lee Child's Second Son, part of the Jack Reacher Mysteries series). I'm so thrilled and excited!

So now I just read my story, and I've downloaded the other two. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

eBooks I'm reading:
Laurie R. King's Mrs. Hudson's Case

Meljean Brooks' Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City.
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The Wolverine [Aug. 1st, 2013|12:13 am]
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The Wolverine is okay, not great (ie lower your expectations)Collapse )

fun day shopping in Ottumwa.Collapse )

And I had a good lunch of turkey on a bagel, which is always nice.
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Home again, and happy to be here! [Jul. 18th, 2013|10:40 pm]
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final day of NADWCon July 8thCollapse )

When I left Baltimore I visited biffsbabe for a couple of days, and we saw "Much Ado About Nothing" together in New Jersey.... THEN I went to visit talimama and saw "Much Ado About Nothing" with her (what can I say? I love that movie and they wanted to go... and we couldn't coordinate our schedules to save our lives).

visiting cousin July 14thCollapse )

So now I'm home (glad to have the long hot drive home over with!), enjoying seeing my friends: Tomorrow a friend is coming to my house for lunch, on Saturday I'm going w/friends for lunch and a movie in Ottumwa (probably 'Pacific Rim'). It is all low key and a lot of fun after all the running around I'd been doing for the previous three weeks!

fun/quiet enjoyment now that I"m finally home.Collapse )
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Discworld Convention in Baltimore 2013 [Jul. 8th, 2013|10:25 am]
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So today is the last day of the North American Discworld Convention (aka NADWCon), I've posted photos of me in costume (also at facebook), and I plan to upload all my favorite costume photos at photobucket... Since I have a break (time to pack, I won't check out until tomorrow morning) I thought I write about the Convention here. We found out, just a couple of days before the convention, that Sir Terry couldn't make it... which was a big disappointment, but really he has visited us via skype, video conferencing, and other means several times (at least once each day).

the 4th of July!Collapse )

Friday the 5th, the beginning of NADWCon2013Collapse )
Saturday was the Masquerade but I only wore a costume, I didn"t go on stageCollapse )

Sunday was the Big BanquetCollapse )
So today was the last day of the convention, at 1:30 pm we had a puppetry musical (which was a sill biography of Terry Pratchett's life with puppets) and at 3 pm is the official closing of the convention... . I had been thinking I would go to the Aquarium after that, but frankly I was already too tired! Instead I packed up some of my gear into the car, so I'll have an easier/faster check out tomorrow morning. Tomorrow I'll hit the road to drive to visit friends in New Jersey.
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